My life's journey has transitioned to "smooth jazz".  The completion of a song that began with on a one line hook from '80 to a completed song in '14 entitled "Let There Be Music" received an AKADEMIA Award for "Soul Jazz" in '16 and cleared up any doubt as to what my lot in life is. I also received a Presidential Achievement Award from President Obama in December ‘16. Music wakes up with me, accompanies me thru the day and goes to sleep with me at night. "HORIZONS" is '17 release and "CAT-A-FLY" is '19 release. "Cassandra" my Hammond XK-1c hangs out w/me on stages, festivals, restaurants, lounges, churches & studios around the country. A recent guitar purchase took me back to age 12 as my "Mom" gave me an acoustic allowing me all instrumentation credit on “Cat-A-Fly". It is my desire to share my gift all over the world inspiring people to seek and achieve their dreams like I. Inspiration is speaking, creative winds are blowing. I'm in a breeze. "Gifted", my memoirs tells the wonderful story of my life. I'm excited.



   "GOSPEL ON THE EAST LAWN" w/President Jimmy & Emily Carter in June of '79. He wrote "best wishes to Samuel OBie". I'll never forget that day.


Mama in Chicago in 1966.

1- More Things Are Wrought Through Prayer - 1981

2- Love - Morada Records 1985

3- Fellowship Community Choir (Live)- 1988

4- Vision & A Message - Salexo Music 1996

5- Joyful Noise - Salexo Music 2003

6- Tragedy - Salexo Music 2007

7- On The Battlefield - Salexo Music 2008

8- Family & Friends - Salexo /Tate Music 2009

9- Relationship - Salexo Music 2014

10- Horizons - Salexo Music 2017

11- Cat-A-Fly - Salexo Music 2019


  The "lady" behind all that we've done and ever will do.  It was her vision for her children 2 b n the music industry.